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At Mei Li you will be exclusively taken care of by Emily and her team of Skincare Experts with extensive knowledge and experience in enhancing your inner and outer beauty naturally.

Emily has trained in Singapore where she perfected the art of caring for skin. She has been a licensed Esthetician since 1999 and has worked in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. Emily came to Sydney after leaving the continent and started Mei Li Beauty Clinic in Gordon, north of Sydney.

Emily and her team offer her extensive knowledge and experience and specialise in helping clients with problem skin from all over Sydney.

Her treatments are based on traditional Chinese medicine working on the body meridians to help all her clients achieve balance, beauty and wellbeing.

Meili Beauty Clinic invests the best skincare and equipment in the industry. Each of our beauty therapists are highly trained to provide world-class results and many happy clients.

Clients with problem skin, including acne, ageing and pigmentation, seek our services. Our clients travel from all over SYDNEY to enjoy the specialised and customised skin rejuvenation and beauty treatments.

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1st Floor

781 Pacific Highway

Gordon NSW


0435 818 878


[email protected]

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